Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miracles Never Cease - Pt 4/4

Donavon LOVED all the cards that were sent through the facebook event "Get Well Soon, Donavon"  He had just under 80 (definitely a record). Thank you to all who sent cards and well wishes!

Tuesday morning, August 16th, Donavon was finally asleep after a long, difficult, and amazing night.  The residents came in just two hours later to check on Donavon.  I couldn’t believe how many students came with him!  There were at least 8 if not 10 students with the resident!  They all filed into our room as Donavon slept and I sat in the chair, groggy but trying to pay attention and ask my questions. 
They wanted to wait to see how Donavon would react to sitting up today to give him solids but they would give him liquid and soft food to start.  That meant popsicles, sherbet, juice, sprite, etc.  I think in two days, Donavon went through a 12 pack of sprite!  Donavon got up shortly after and wanted McDonalds.  (He knew about the McDonalds on the 1st floor.)  He also wanted me to go to the gift shop and get his Curious George beanie baby.  I took the opportunity to go get breakfast and grab his beanie baby.  They did give him all of his medication so his mood was starting to even out and he wasn’t so fidgety. 

Donavon's first outing, Tuesday (still with tubes and wheel chair)
The hardest part of the day was getting him to stay in the bed.  Especially once they gave him the ok to get into a wheel Chair and go to the play room.  That didn’t last too long, though because he got tired and in pain quickly.  His body didn’t want to stay but his mind did.  J  He learned how to use the trigger for pain real quick.
By the end of the day he had gotten up twice!  At that point, they let him have a full meal!  He ordered a huge dinner!!!  We had a much better night which started with prayer and then more praise and worship music.  He slept great!  I was in prayer off and on, praying over Donavon, our family, and many other things including just being still and quiet.
Wednesday morning, our Residents come filing in, bright and early.  The young doctor looks at me and says, “Okay, let’s get him out of these tubes and see about getting you home today!”  “Really?  This soon?”  I was shocked.  We were prepared to stay until Thursday but so ready to go home!  Donavon was doing so well, walking and eating that they were ready to send him home!  From then on, it was a waiting game, trying to get out as early as possible so that we didn’t have to drive at night.  They wanted to see a few other things happen after they took out all the tubes. 

Donavon, with the AWESOME group from the Navy!
So, Donavon passed the time by painting, playing Wii, watching videos, visiting with the Navy visitors (COOL visit, by the way), and playing the games on the in-house TV channel for the kids.  He won twice and got a new pillow pet from the activities director! 

By 5:30pm we were headed home!  God was so good!  Most kids stay the full three days.  Donavon was ready to go after 1.5 days!!! 
He came home and was treated like royalty for 4 weeks!  He LOVED all the attention and especially loved having Daddy off for the rest of the week!  It was such a great time of healing and rest for our family. 
Donavon had his stints removed on September 14th and is back to normal, running, playing, going to school and Royal Rangers (Christian scouts)!  Every time I look at him I see God’s hand on him!  He is a miracle!

Donavon painting (his favorite art activity) in the play room.

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