Saturday, October 15, 2011

Miracles Never Cease - pt 3

Photo:  Donavon at Riley Children's Hospital (with his pillow and blankets), Tuesday, August 16th at about 8am.  He was so tired from the rough night before.

We got into our room and went through a bunch of questions once again (being admitted, they go through a lot of the same questions as when we checked into Surgery).  Our nurse was awesome, by the way.  You’ll see why but we absolutely loved her!!!
Donavon was beginning to feel the pain meds ware off.  Remember, he was off all of his medication so not only was the ‘epidural’ wearing off, he was also feeling the effects of not having his meds all day.  He was scared, anxious, in pain and nothing was soothing him.  I went between the nurse and Donavon for about three hours.  We prayed, I stroked his forehead and held his hand.  He would calm down but as soon as I started to back off, it would start all over again.  The tears, the writhing, the crying, the restlessness and indescribable agony continued.  They gave him a few different medications that didn’t seem to do anything but make him more agitated.  As I was praying again, I heard in my spirit “praise and worship music”.  I knew God was dropping wisdom into my spirit.  Donavon’s favorite praise and worship leader is Jason Upton. 
(*side note* - If you have a chance, look him up on Youtube and listen to him.  He is anointed!)
The nurse was on the phone, with the on-call resident for Dr. Cain, discussing options to help Donavon.  He ordered a “pain cocktail” which is a combination of medications to help kill pain, help him calm down, and help him sleep.  As she was on the phone, I was setting up my laptop on Donavon’s hospital table and put it next to the head of his bed so he could hear it.  As the first song began to play (Psalms 23), I anointed Donavon with oil and began praying and praising God quietly.  Donavon began to calm down.  He was lying quietly and began to fall asleep.  I stopped stroking his hair and sat back in the chair, praying.  He was still calm.  I could feel the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit falling in the room.  It permeated ever corner with peace!  The nurse walked in shortly after Psalm 23 ended and went on to the next song.  The first words out of her mouth were, “Wow… It is so peaceful in here.”  She told me what the doctor ordered and that it we had to wait up to 20 minutes for the pharmacy to fill the order and send it up.  I told her that was fine.  She came back a few minutes later with another nurse and said, “See what I mean.  It’s so peaceful in here.”  One other nurse poked her head in and whispered, “Wow.”  (They could all hear Donavon screaming and crying just 20 minutes ago!)  This nurse asked me if I needed anything and I said “no”. 
About 25 minutes passed by and our nurse came in with the medication.  She asked me if I still wanted to give Donavon the meds.  I said “Yes.  That would be good to help him stay asleep for a while.”  At that point I was going on 24 hours (up at 5am the last morning and it was now about 4:15am!) 
The music was still playing as I laid down on my bed and fell asleep for a couple hours.  As I began to fall asleep, with the music still playing and the peace that passes all the nurses understanding hovering in the room, I couldn’t help but be amazed at God.  How great and awesome, mighty and loving, caring and more than any describing word could ever express is our God.  He who calms the storm and holds our peace in His hand loves us so much!  I worship Him because He is my God! 

Photo Caption:
Excerpt from the song, Sometimes He Calms the Storm by
Scott Krippayne.
(*Click on his name to hear the song on Youtube*)

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