Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Day, Another Doctor

Another day, another Doctor it seems.  Donavon and I met his new doctor, Dr. Peter, a Neuropsychiatrist... Neurology and Psychiatry!!!  I was a bit apprehensive about seeing yet another doctor.  However, I got more answers today about Donavon and everything we have endured thus far, than I have in the 9 years of being his mother!

There are still a lot of questions to ask and find answers to, but God is faithful!  We are trusting Him to see us through. 

The goal through Dr. Peter is to not only regulate Donavon's medication and, hopefully scale back a bit to see less side effects, but also to see where Donavon's mental strengths and weaknesses lie!  It is exciting to finally have a game plan and a direction!

To all my prayer partners and intercessors, this is how we are praying...
  1. That God would guide and direct Donavon's doctors to clear and consice answers.
  2. That we would learn how to effectively interact, teach, lead, and love Donavon so that he grows and learns what he needs to be successful in life!
  3. That God would continue to cover and protect Donavon and heal him from HEAD TO TOE!
Thank you all for love and support as we continue this long journey!

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